Frequently asked questions

Absolutely yes, Photofie does not discriminate. From amateurs to pro, photographers of every level have something to take from Photofie.
You can sign in to Photofie using your email, Facebook or Google account. Navigate to the sign-up page and fill in your credentials.
To upload photographs, click on MY PHOTOS on the top right corner and select ‘Upload photos’ from the drop down list.
To edit your personal information, navigate to MY ACCOUNT page and select the tab ‘Edit Profile.
In order to change your password, you first need to go to the Login Page and click on 'Forget Passoword' option which will redirect you to a page where you just have to enter your email address and click on the button below, following which you will receive a link on your mail-id which will take you to the password reset page where you can reset your password.
In case you forget your password, navigate to the log in page and click on ‘Forgot Password’ link. You’ll receive a password reset link on the email address associated with Photofie.
Contest winners at Photofie are selected by our panel of judges, comprising of professional photographers, ace in their field.
The number of photos that can be submitted for each contest vary. You can find it in the rules below the contest.
Photo contest winners are announced on our website after the contest is closed.
All the photo contest winners are notified by mail. This is followed by a brief telephonic interview.
Contest winners receive exciting perks, recognition and acknowledgement. They score a chance to get featured on the leaderboard.
We’re a community with a love for photography and our blog is just another way to express that. You can find how-to, tips, techniques and other interesting stuff in the world of photography, on our blog.
Photofie blog will give you an insight into the world of photography and help you put your skills to test.
We love everyone with a passion for photography. So if you can put your love for photography in words, then mail us your resume & samples at-

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