Get ready Bangalore for the next #AvTvISO_photowalk_VI! Printed certificates & #AvTvISO Photographer's Badge for all! Best photo of the walk gets a PHOTOBOOK!!!


  • To win the photobook, the image must be shot on a DSLR during the photowalk. The winner will be asked to submit the unedited/RAW image as proof of authenticity before the announcement of the results.

  • To win the photobook, one will need to submit the edited image on our Facebook group [www.facebook.com/groups/AvTvISO] with the hashtag #AvTvISO_photowalk_VI or on your instagram with the following hashtag [#AvTvISO_photowalk_VI] by 25th February 2018.

  • The winning image will be shared on our Instagram [@avTvISO / www.instagram.com/avTvISO], Twitter [@THREEDOTSgroup / www.twitter.com/THREEDOTSgroup] accounts and similar media with due credit at any point in time. The winner will still hold all rights to the image. By participating in this photowalk and submitting the pictures, the photographer allows AvTvISO to use this image with credit for its own marketing purposes in the future.


Rahul Ranjan is an avid traveler & has explored many places in India and outside of it with his lens. His photographs have been published in many places & have won many awards & accolades. [www.facebook.com/rahulography]


Event Highlights

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  • On 2018-02-18 at 7:00 AM to 10:00 AM.

  • Location : Bangalore

  • Meeting Point : Lalbagh Botanical Garden, Bangalore

  • Participation cost Rs 399