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Skyscapes Photography Contest is over.

Winners Will be Announced Soon

Thanks for your interest and incredible clicks you submitted. Its not easy to pick winners when every entry is awesome.
We are working hard to select winning entries. We will notify you once it gets decided.


Judge Choice Award

Mi 20000mAH Power Bank 2 worth ₹ 2200

Judge Choice Award

Powerpak LED 168 B Dual-Color LED Dimmable worth ₹ 2100

About The Contest

How many beautiful nature pictures have we all seen with little or none of the sky-scape?

Pay attention: We're not asking for Landscapes.

The sky is so variable. Some times its are grey and overcast, some filled with stars, busy with the movement of clouds on weather fronts. Long shutter speeds are the key to capturing imaginative and beautiful images of the sky.

So be patient and this kind of photography will become second nature to you.

How It Works

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  • 30 days long contest. Starts from Aug 17, 2017

  • Judges choice award is based on creativity, originality, and in accordance to the theme of the contest.

  • Total prize value of 4000.