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Judges Choice Award  fisherman


-from the lens of Ajay Thomas

Most Appreciated Award

-from the lens of Davinder Sharma

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When we think of the past, we often think of it in black and white. After all, most pictures that we've seen from the first half of the 20th Century are in monochrome, it's easy to forget that color actually existed at all back then.

Black & white contemporary Photography allows a connect deeply and more emotional way as it removes the most distracting element – the color.

Lets celebrate emotions via Black and White Photo Contest by b&w_India.

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  • 30 days long contest. Contest Ends on Jan 23, 2017

  • Judges choice award is based on creativity, originality, and in accordance to the theme of the contest.

  • Most appreciated award is based on number of likes on your photo.
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