• Apr 11, 2017

Looks like our Winner & Runner-Ups from the Photowalk are a true sport! The entries entirely resemble the challenges we put up in our blog

"How to get best out of your Photowalks".

We're so happy to see a brave community of photographers who is continually taking up challenges and fulfilling them!

The winner Yash took our "The Reflection Challenge" and the result was outstanding.

The runner-up Akash produced beautiful photograph with "The Depth of Field Challenge"

All the Photowalkers did a fabulous job.

We just can't wait to bring more Photowalks on board!

Runner Up © Tony thomas

City - Bengaluru

Runner Up © Adarsh Charanpahari

City - Mumbai

Runner Up © Amogh Kurghode

City - Mumbai

Runner Up © Sandesh Kanade

City - Mumbai

Runner Up © Akash Da Hustla

City - Delhi

Runner Up © Gm Shree Srithar

City - Pune

Congratulations! to Judge Choice Winner © Jomin Jose for winning ₹ 5000 Amazon Gift Card

City - Pune

Congratulations! to Judge Choice Winner  © shravan 'k' for winning 50MM lens.

City - Bengaluru

Congratulations! to Judge Choice Winner  © Yash Gadhade for winning SJ5000 Plus Action Camera.

City - Mumbai