• Aug 24, 2018
This Rakhi, Surprise Your Photographer Sister With These Gifts

The festival of Raksha Bandhan is around the corner which means the season of gift hunting has started. If you’re having a hard time deciding which photo gift would make your photographer sister happy, search no more. 

For your aesthetics over everything sister 

If your sister prefers things that have high aesthetic value, then you should definitely go for the Instant print camera. These cameras are so cute and tiny so it will be easy for your sister to carry it. she can keep it anywhere including their handbag or backpack. You can choose from the huge variety of these instant cameras available online. 

For your “I live to travel” sister 

If your sister loves to travel then you should not look any further and gift her this Aide De Camp Nadine Travel Tote. The bag is designed to look very much like a standard tote that one may carry to a picnic, with art supplies to work, to the gym, etc. There is nothing about it that screams out to you that it’s a camera bag and perhaps that’s one of the best parts about it. 

For your “without coffee, I literally can’t even” sister 

If your sister can’t even imagine making out through the day without coffee, then this camera lens coffee mug is what you should buy for her. Nothing except a coffee related stuff can make a coffee addict happy, and it being in the shape of a camera lens will be a cherry on the top for the photography + coffee addict sister. 

For your “always late” sister 

If your sister is one of those who no matter how hard tries still can never reach anywhere on time, then what else would be a better gift for her than a watch which displays time in the form of f-stops. Trust me, your sister will truly love this f-stop photographer analog watch. 

For the “Photoshop savvy” sister 

If your sister is a photoshop savvy, gift her this keyboard skin of Adobe Photoshop shortcuts imprinted on it. She will remember and love you every time she will use it. 

For your “I don’t remember where I kept it” sister 

If after every shoot, your sister goes crazy recalling where she kept her lens cap, then she really-badly needs this lens cap holder. This holder perfectly fits your camera neck strap and holds the lens cap so tight. It is wonderful for any photographer to just be able to snap the lens cap on and off and always have it within arm's reach. 

For your sister who loves fashion 

Nothing better than a piece of jewelry crafted in the shape of passion for a girl. If your sister loves or even if she doesn’t love fashion, buy her these earrings because these cute studs with a diamond in the center will brighten up her face 10x more than the diamond itself.  

For your “always sleepy” sister 

What is better than dreaming about your dream while sleeping on your dream? NOTHING. If your sister is one of those who loves to sleep, gift her this camera pillow so she can dream about photography the time she is off camera.