• Aug 28, 2018
The Ultimate Guide To Respecting Your Photographer

Being a photographer is tough, especially in today’s world where every second person on social media pretends to be one after owning a DSLR. It sometimes becomes so hard for photographers to explain a group of people that photography is so much more than just clicking a button and not everyone can be a photographer. I agree, though having a DSLR makes you a photographer already, but again it’s majorly on the talent to find the scene and click the picture.

Being a photographer and receiving the respect that they deserve is rare nowadays. We disrespect their art in ways even we don’t understand sometimes. Say for example editing, proclaiming authority over the pics, bargaining unnecessarily and many other ways which the slides below depict.

Katheryn Elaine, a professional photographer, shared “The Ultimate Guide To Respecting Your Photographer” on Facebook. “Needed to do something to kill some time, so I asked other photographers (shout out to the Mastin Labs User Group) what their biggest pet peeves are when being hired by friends or acquaintances. These were the most common. Respect and love your photographer. They are people too” she writes.