• Feb 2, 2017
The perks of living in a Metro City often come with long travels in the metro, regular binge on roadside stalls, standing in the queues & the self-conversations about future!
Inside the metro station we come across people fading away in music, some screenings of TV-Series on smartphones, observers looking outside the window & some even observing the shoes! (yes their own shoes!)

We found Samar Khan doodling on his smart-phone!
Samar Khan is doodling on purpose, he runs an Instagram handle that brims with Sci-Fi creativity.

Here are the excerpts from our Conversation with Metro Doodle

1.Are you a science fantasy fanatic?
Yes, science fantasy has always been my preferred genre of choice for TV, movies, books and games. Science fiction is also something I enjoy a lot, but the thing I love most about fantasy is letting your imagination run wild, or perhaps the sense of being somewhere else and glimpsing the impossible.

2.When did this idea struck you? I mean what exactly were you doing or something interesting you came across?
It takes me 2 hrs everyday to get to my work which makes me travel 4 hrs everyday in metro. The very 2nd day of my job, I was travelling in metro and was really bored. I generally listen to music to kill time but forgot to carry my earphones that day.
As i own a Galaxy Note device which lets me draw, I clicked the man sitting right in front of me and started doodling on it (The first post on my instagram feed). The following days I doodled two more, shared those on my personal instagram (@smr_khn) and got amazing feedback. This triggered in me the idea for creating a separate feed for it. People loved and appreciated my work. And this kept me going. Now I've got something fun and productive to do in metro.

3.How do you manage your time to edit & process pictures?
Professionally, i am a software developer. Travelling from Saket to Noida and giving 9 hrs at work does not leave me with any spare time to do anything else. I use my travelling time in metro to draw the doodles and sometimes on weekends.

4.How do plan the plot for your creatives? How exactly do you device which character to fit in a particular scenario?
My approach for doodles starts from taking pictures. I try to look for creating a story in every picture. When I could imagine and see things happening in those photographs I start doodling. There is no such deciding process involved for creatures that you see in my doodles, I just draw whatever comes to my mind. I prefer keeping them a little different from reality, giving my doodles that fantasy feel.

5.Any favourite characters or comics or series? Where do you draw your inspiration from?
I have been a constant follower of Marvel and DC universe. Anything supernatural interests me. Extraterrestrial life forms, parallel realities, Time Travel are few topics that I love to think about. The software today, like Photoshop, Aftereffects etc, are extremely powerful and lets your imagination take shape. The things you can achieve using these are endless. I just love Photoshop! My main inspiration comes from Instagram. The masterpieces created by artists around, shared on Instagram, makes me try new things every time. I am really thankful for all the amazing work that these amazing artists share for us to stay inspired and be motivated to keep trying different stuff.

6.In what directions do you want your Instagram page to lead? Any particular issues you might want to address in future, like environment or any social issues?
From my Instagram page, I just want people to have fun and be entertained. Addressing issues is something i do look towards sometimes. But most of the time it's just a silly doodle that tells some story. Maybe one day someone would recognize me in metro and would come up to say hi, that would make me really happy. Eagerly waiting for that to happen.

Yeah! We know this guy has got chip on his shoulder! Not everybody has got the same bent of imagination.
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