• Dec 15, 2017
The Art of Taking Selfies!

Selfies are the new-age autographs and you really ain’t living it right if you don’t click a mountain of dapper selfies every time you go out. They’re the sine-qua-non to playing it all cool and sassy.The selfie-movement has evaded the new-age millennium so much that the word has now also made its way into the Oxford English Dictionary and Selfies are having their own Olympics (well, sort of). While some people have a love-hate relationship with the Selfies, others are just going gaga over the trend. Whether you like it or not, this selfie trend is here to stay, so you might as well master the art of the new generation!  

Here are the pro tips of taking IDGAF (I don’t Give a fuck) Selfies!

1)  Intense Eye - Selfie

                                                   Akshay Nagori

While smiling definitely makes anybody look better, a selfie with a kilometre wide smile makes you look nothing less than a chimpanzee. For a change, try giving that intense-eye-sexy-face look to hit that jackpot of likes on your selfie.

2)  The Rule of Thirds Selfie

All the pro photographers can relate to this. Rule of thirds relates to the composition and balance of an image and selfies are no exception to this rule. While clicking your perfect shot, make sure you place your face on the top-right or top-left corner. Do not place it in the middle, unless of course you want it to look like an ID photo.

                                   Anshika Verma

3)  Check the Light

                                Anshika Verma

In your bid to get that perfect Kardashian face selfie, make sure you don’t overlook the lighting in your surroundings. Neither choose a scene too dark nor a scene too light. Face towards soft light that can totally make your selfie more flattering. The most ideal time to shoot is during the magic hour (right after sunrise and right before sunset).

4)  Background Check

A thing as minor as a dirty, unkempt background can lead to selfie fails because let’s accept it, our immediate surroundings define us. So before going ahead, make sure your background looks nothing less than gorgeous. Look for solid colour walls, furnished decors, gorgeous backdrops or any place sans clutter to get that flawless selfie.

                                              Arjan Aujla

5)  Get your Angle Right

                             Kylie Jenner 

Try, try and try more until you finally find your best angle. A lot of people just aimlessly shoot from any angle without considering it in the light of their facial features. Find your best side and stick to it! Pro tip- A high angle selfie clicked from a 45 degree angle above your head gives the false impression of a slimmer face.

6)  Get Expressive

No tip can work better than this one when it comes to clicking your best shot. Get expressive, pull the duck face, fish face, intense eye, slender grin, silly face and do not forget to be confident about your #selfie.

                                                      Kim Kardashian

                                             Share with us some of your infallible IDGAF selfie hacks!