• Jan 11, 2017

While Twitter is brimming with #notallmen, where men around the nation are trying to defend themselves instead of defending the Women around them.
The series of molestation don't stop!
It's time men stand up for women in real life situations against there counterparts rather social media.
Here's one such story from the diary of Ganesh Toasty.
One day while playing outside my home I tripped over some small pieces of rock and fell head first to the ground.The bruise was bandaged & bandage was removed a couple of days later and when I looked at myself in the mirror, I saw a small reddish formation on my temple. My eyes slowly started to water and with those puffy eyes I ran to my appa and asked him what it was and whether it will be there always. 

With a little laugh he held on to me and explained that the formation is nothing to be afraid of and it’s called a ‘Scar’. He continued by explaining that a scar is just a biological process that helps to repair the wound and it’ll vanish in a few days but I wasn’t convinced.

I felt uneasy whenever I looked at a mirror and with anger I started to play the blame game. For the next few days, whenever I saw a rock lying on the lawn I just picked them and threw them out with such a rage a little girl could gather.
Noticing what I was up to my appa called out for me. He calmly asked me what I was doing and I explained. He quietly listened to what I had to say and when I was done he sighed for a moment. He took the stone that I was still carrying in my hand and with his gentle voice he told me that my fall wasn’t the stone’s fault.

He further elaborated that the rocks are inanimate objects placed wherever they are by the force of nature and that I unfortunately stumbled upon one. He called it an accident and advised that I as an animate object should be more careful in future with my movements so that I don’t fall often as there are so many inanimate objects around us.

I remember being angry with him for a while for not taking my side and in a few days the scar vanished and I moved on.
 The memory washes all over me like a wave while I sit here with blood on my face and a scar in my heart.
Is this my fault too?

Is it my fault that I had to take a walk through the woods and stumbled upon those men? Is this an accident too? Are they inanimate objects as well? Should I be more careful whenever I take a walk outside and look from the corner of my eyes always for demons lurking in the dark?

 Or should I just stay home from now on because I’ll be defenseless when confronted by one of these demons? And most importantly, Will this scar vanish? Will I move on?
The pot lies safely on her graceful hands

Athreya, Tanirika’s father or appa as she prefers to call him is a teacher and has lived his whole life in this small coastal town.

Her eyes look upon the open sky with joy as the light passes by.

One man a fisherman and the other an office executive, Kathir and Selvam have been friends from their school day.

Kathir and Selvam meet up with their close friends after three months, Rudhra and Vasu. Rudhra is the youngest of the lot and also the most fractured.

Kathir’s eye catches something and he stops gabbing.

The moment Selvam laid his eyes on her he knew he’s going to have her at any cost.

 A man grabs her from behind and before she could even react from the initial shock he covers her mouth with his hands. Another man joins him as her eyes watch with horror two more men rushing towards them.

Selvam who has a firm hold on her yells at Kathir and Rudhra to hold her and they oblige.

When lightning strikes, everything stands still and quiet for a moment.

Tanirika lay down with blood on her face.

 Selvam yells at Kathir and Rudhra. They both come out of the momentary trance they had after Selvam hit her.

Rudhra is still bewildered by what he’s doing. He looks at Tanirika’s eyes as he’s holding her hand and dragging her

Some hands are meant to be held onto but others are meant to be let go.

Here is a man who beholds the name that has been praised as the “mightiest of the mighty” in the Rig Veda

Selvam is surprised by what he sees. He could see Rudhara letting go of her hand and directing Kathir to do the same as well.

Tanirika with some effort tries to get herself up from the ground

When Athreya saw his daughter limping towards home with blood on her face, He ran.When he finally reaches her, he kindly adjusts her hair and looks at her wounded face with horror and bursts into tears.
He looks into her eyes but finds nothing in them other than tears. With tears in his eyes he wipes the blood of his lovely daughter’s face.
She tightens her grip, lie on his shoulder and could hear herself whispering “I’m okay appa. Nothing happened”.

A memory rushes to my head. This happened with me, this might have happened to every other girl in India! and that girl might not have been able to escape.
Will the scars ever heal?

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