• Aug 16, 2017
Photofie Exclusive Coverage: Light Painters from Jaipur making it BIG in the latest Skoda Octavia Commercial

"Passionate Photographer who does not use Photoshop."

-That’s what his Instagram Bio reads!

Shobhit Tiwari, A Light Painter from Jaipur along with Dr. Satwik Sharma & Jeswin Rebello is all set to make headlines with their creative Light Painting venture for Skoda Octavia's latest commercial.
Here's a little chit-chat about the big struggle, bigger determination of the person moving India ahead with his great Light painting skills & independently creating something new & everything that's different.

The Director's cut!

The Three Light Painters- Shobhit, Satwik & Jeswin.

So, the new Skoda Octavia ad is up & about. Kindly throw some light on the experience you had while shooting.

Shobhit: It was the experience of a lifetime. There was so much to learn about techniques, management, people doing their jobs brilliantly. It was calm & chaotic simultaneously. There was an adrenaline rush as we were a part of something great, happening for the first time in India. We had to deliver our best with the resources we had. The energy & enthusiasm with which everyone worked was next level & that has led to an amazing outcome which you shall see soon!

What is the idea behind Light Painting & how can we differentiate it from Long Exposure Photography?

Shobhit: Light painting is the technique of capturing the movement of light with a camera while Long exposure photography generally deals with the capturing of stationary objects obscuring the moving elements. Hence, Light painting takes into account what is avoided in Long exposure photography.

What do you prefer being tagged as: "An Artist" or "A Photographer". You cannot pick both!

Shobhit: I would call myself a Light painting Artist as both the streams go hand in hand. One has to be creative, artistic enough to be a good Light painter otherwise you end up being monotonous in your images & get stuck at some point. The good thing about Light painting is, it brings in the perfect coordination of your physical & mental senses, both, at the same time.

You're Guinness Book of Records Holder for most number of light orbits in a single photograph.  Tell us how you dealt with the nervous collapse when you're finally in front of  Guinness Team giving trials for the record?

Shobhit: Haha ! All the nervous collapses I had, happened only while attempting the record. There was so much to manage, coordinate & deliver. The equipment had to be taken care of, marks were to be made, cameras had to be positioned correctly, every single thing had to be perfect & after achieving that, the trials were like a child’s play & I got through it well enough.

Is there any Professional Course Module for learning Light Painting?

Shobhit: There are Light painting workshops. In India, I have tried & initiated Light painting gatherings & workshops. Luckily, all of them had been extremely successful & people have developed great interest in recent times. It feels good to know that your efforts are fruitful especially when after a workshop, people Light paint & share their images. Beginners can start with mobile flashlights or Light writing devices available. I, myself, have been planning to put on an online tutorial on Light painting for beginners. Hopefully, it will be out soon.

That one photograph that proved to be a turning point in your Light Painting Career.

Shobhit: This was a shot which had been on my mind for a long time. One day, spontaneously, I decided to execute it. It took an entire day, a great deal of effort & preparing tools but once it was on camera, everything felt worth it. My followers have themselves named it,’The Matrix’. It gained identification gradually, motivated me to make Lpp more professional & still tops the favorites list of the audience.

"The Matrix"

Who/what  inspires you to keep trying & striving hard for what you are headed for?(any Instagram handles/ artists/ some personal inspiration)

Shobhit: My Light painting journey began when I saw Pablo Picasso’s image where he is seen painting with light. It gave me an insight into the world of Light painting & a craving to do something new & different, something extraordinary. And when I began, I saw the work of Mr. James Turrell, a brilliant photographer, who uses light & space in the most exquisite way possible. Moreover, his vision is what I agree with, You are looking at you looking. Every person has their own perspective, a way of looking at things & with my light paintings, I try that people are enabled to have their own interpretations.

Pablo Picasso's Image - Shobhit's Inspiration

Would you like to share some of your favorite images with us? How can we achieve variety in Light painting?

Shobhit : I would be very happy to do so. The same concerns I had about variety, I created The Buddha series of mine along with other experiments.

Were you a good student at School when it comes to Art & Drawing? ( I personally never had a drawing file of my own, I literally skipped that Art class somehow)

Shobhit: Hahaha ! You should take a look at my drawings on paper. I was the one who mostly doodled during the Drawing class. I could not understand the concept of coloring the mango yellow only, why can’t we paint it red or green or mix all of them. Art is something that depends on an individual’s imagination & perspective. I don’t think that is something you can put a limit on.

Light Painting teaches you Patience. Do you agree? How has Light Painting changed you as a person?

Shobhit: I am fascinated by the fact that an element as minute as a Photon has the power of alternating the energy & state of everything that exists. I love light as it transcends darkness into a magical canvas where you have the power to make it your own whichever way you like. It doesn’t make darkness fearful rather it becomes something beautiful in which light is the empowering tool you have.

It has a huge impact on our lives even if we aren’t able to identify it. It can change our biological clocks, a person with jaundice was kept under blue light for treatment, that is how impactful light is.
Yes, it has made me more patient, creative & has provided an innate desire to make something amazing each day putting my skills to a good use. Being an introvert, I am able to express my ideas, thoughts & emotions through my work which I guess is the greatest freedom you can have.

What are the real world implications of Light Painting? What does the future scenario look like?

Shobhit: Skoda has done a great job including Light painting in their ad.

I hope the Indian industry recognizes the tremendous scope of Light painting in each & every field. With ever changing technology, Light painting has developed real-world implications as well.

Brands like Microsoft, Nike, Red Bull, Motorola, Honda, Red Bull, Volkswagen have also made a use of it in their premium products. I will try my best to spread awareness about the possible use of Light painting & its various uses & hopefully, everyone will join me on my journey to embark upon light.
The Little Glimpses into Skoda Octavia Advertisement
You can watch the whole video here.