• May 31, 2017
Let's Talk Business: 7 Guidelines on Typography for your Photography Business

Typography surrounds us at all times, on all mediums. We see type used on websites, physical products, digital, print and television ads, magazines and on every book cover.

The use of typography is so pervasive that it ends up becoming invisible to most people. 
Typography adds life to a good photography, and most people don't even realize it. Here are few worthy examples from magazine covers.

By using the right typeface, Your photography can create a strong emotional impression that, combined with effective messaging, can lead to more successful brand communication.
Typography is the most effective and meaningful vehicle for your brand personality; not only does typography convey your message, it also communicates your personality, brand attributes.

Below are seven specific things to think about as you explore the world of typography for your Photography Business:

1. The essence of Brand Identity

Typography is an essential element of your overall brand identity toolkit. Along with your logo and colors, a type is one of the core elements that make up your brand identity. While photography and illustration are important to help visualize your offering, no other tool is as immediate, flexible or readily available to you as your typefaces.

2. Create a distinct and recognizable typographic image with your logo.

While a logo can’t communicate everything about your business, it can help give your audience cues as to who you are and how you might behave. The right type choice can help position your company in a meaningful way. Are you empathetic and accessible, are you trustworthy and credible, are you unique and one of a kind?

3. Find unique opportunities to embed meaning in people's lives

Typography can be truly empowering, as it can enable you to create a distinct set of signs that are memorable. Typography can also position you differently from your competition. A wedding photography website with haphazardly placed photographs will hold no appeal in comparison to the one below.

4. Be versatile.

As a startup, there’s a lot to communicate, from headlines on your homepage to the different pages for different genres of photography. You need a selection of typefaces that can speak in different tones and at different volumes depending on the context. It’s important that your type choices complement each other. Strong, logical type hierarchy allows you to communicate the various layers of messaging. 

5. Sweat the details.

The amount of space you specify between letters, words and lines can impact the overall perception of the message or content. When we are working with a fashion or beauty brand, for instance, we’ll pay particular attention to the spacing of letters in the logo and headlines often adding a lot more space between letters to evoke a sense of elegance and luxury.

6. Invest in quality.

There are thousands of typefaces, and some are better drawn than others. Be wary of badly constructed typefaces for use as a workhorse typeface that needs to service your many needs. The nuances of weight, height, width, thick and thin strokes as well as how the letters relate to each other are all carefully calibrated by an expert typographer. Chose a "cut" that has a good pedigree and a large family that gives you adequate flexibility to communicate through the many layers of your business whether it’s a PowerPoint deck, a Facebook campaign or your "Services we Offer" web page.

7. Consider going custom.

A custom typeface is unique to your brand, has the ability to accurately express your tone of voice and brand personality, and if executed well can be as recognizable as your logo. Some challenges do exist, including the need to commit time and budget to enlist an expert typographer to draw the typeface, ensure a tight brief and pick the right partner.

Conclusion: Typography is a powerful tool for a Photographer!

If given the right amount of attention, can be incredibly valuable as you build your brand, and can convey your message and personality in an authentic, understated and effective way.