• Oct 21, 2016
" Inspiring Motherhood " A Photo Story

Faizan is a 5 years old kid living with his mother and three other siblings in a rented house at Kacchi Khajuri. Kacchi Khajuri is considered as a slum area located at the periphery of East Delhi mainly stacked with thousands of tons of garbage and litter around its outskirts. One can easily choke his throat with the pungent smell and odour. During one of my visits to collect information regarding the number of special need and differently able individuals here I met this kid Faizan.

Faizan's mother told me that her husband died due to heart attack and now she is the only one to take care of all her children. While asking about Faizan, she told me that Faizan doesn't speak and he wasn't even able stand on his own by the time he turned 4. This was something which worried me a lot so I took him to few government hospitals but doctors kept on delaying his case and I was totally confused. But one of my relative told me to seek for therapeutic services for Faizan so I started working overtime since then, to earn more money with which now Faizan is able to take occupational therapy services twice a week.

I leave home at 10 after feeding kids and leaving them at my sister's house. I cook food and clean the houses of people to earn a living for my children. Rest three children goes to government school, Faizan is the youngest one but now I am satisfied that my efforts has made my child stand on his own feets and inshallah ek din bolne bhi lagega ( will start speaking one day for sure ). It is not possible for me to provide him therapies each day as they are really very expensive for people like us. So I myself keep exercising his limbs as suggested by the therapists.

Faizan's mother is a true inspiration for me because only a mother can do such hard work for her child. She even told me that nobody ever came to our home for Faizan we are so glad to have you here.