• Nov 19, 2018
How to Capture DSLR like photos with your smartphone

You have a good photographic vision but you don’t own a DSLR so you can’t click good pictures? Think again.

You have a most powerful photography weapon with you all the time. Yes, you guessed it right- your smartphone. No, I am not crazy, your smartphone can do wonders when it comes to photography.

Here are some tips you can use to make your smartphone photography experience better.

Golden Hour

Nothing in photography, be it with some professional camera or smartphone, is more important than good light. Although the phone cameras come with a built-in-flash the flash casts a harsh shadow and gives the photo an off color. Try to get light from the natural source as much as possible. Golden hour is considered the ideal time to shoot as the color and intensity of light is just perfect.


I know phone cameras have got smarter but not so smart that they can focus on the main subject and not the objects that are photobombing. Focusing on a phone camera is so easy. You just have to tap on your screen to highlight the subject you are focusing on and it will do the work for you.


Once you tap on your subject to focus, the exposure automatically resets to match your focused subject. If you aren't happy with the automated setting, there is an adjustable slide next to the focus box to let you manually adjust the exposure to your liking.


HDR stands for High Dynamic Range imaging. it makes your pictures look better, but it depends on when you use it.  This setting will help create a better balance of colors, as well as light and dark sections in your frame.

Composition rules

Be it a professional camera or a smartphone, if a picture is not well composed, it is not a good picture. Enable the grids in your phone and study the rules of composition of photos. This will definitely improve your photos.

Don’t zoom

I've said it before, I'll say it again- DO NOT USE THE ZOOM FEATURE ON YOUR PHONE CAMERA. If you want a good quality picture, get physically as close to your subject as possible without using the zoom whenever possible. Taking a zoomed-out photo and cropping it later is a much-preferred method.


If your picture didn’t turn out exactly how you wanted- that’s okay. One of the biggest perks of using phone camera is you can easily edit it anywhere you want. There are a number of settings that you can play around with that can make all the difference to your shot.

What are some other tips you would recommend? We'd love to hear them!