• Oct 25, 2018
Best DSLRs you can buy while the sale is on

Diwali season means sale season. Every e-commerce website is luring their audience with unbelievable discounts. If you are the one who has been eyeing on some cameras since long, now is the best time to buy it.

Here are the best DLSR cameras (in no particular order) that you should check out right now.

Entry-level DSLR 

Nikon D3400

The camera which originally retails for Rs. 47,450 is incredibly easy to use for first-time users. It has beautiful compact body, a solid AF system, Huge battery life and very good image quality. It is a great camera to get started on the road to creative photography.

You can buy this for Rs. 34,490 on Amazon now!

Nikon D5600

Nikon D5600 is the upper end of the advanced entry-level DSLR market and it retails for Rs. 55,950. The D5000-series of Nikon is preferable if you want to get more creative with your photography. This camera is for those looking for a few more features than Nikon D3000 Range and greater creative control.

You can buy this for Rs. 39,990 on Amazon now!

Canon EOS 750D

Canon EOS 750D, that retails for Rs. 55,995 is a great camera that's capable of delivering superb image quality. The polished control layout is easy to use, with the touchscreen interface making it much quicker to use, and everything's backed up by solid performance.

You can buy this for Rs. 47,845 on Amazon now!

Canon EOS 200D

Canon EOS 200D, that retails for Rs. 47,495 is a good entry level DSLR with user-friendly interface. is one of Canon's most compact DSLRs, designed to appeal to those who are looking for a small and unintimidating camera, but want image quality that surpasses that from a compact model.

You can buy this for Rs. 44,900 on Amazon now! 

Mid-Range DSLR 

Nikon D7500 

The brilliant all-rounder Nikon D7500 retails for Rs. 115,450. The combination of Nikon's 20.9MP sensor and EXPEED 5 image processing engine in an even more compact and affordable body is bound to be a tempting prospect for both new and existing users.

You can buy this for Rs. 95,278 on Amazon now! 

Canon EOS 80D

Canon EOS 80D retails for Rs. 114,995. It's well built, with sensibly arranged controls, and has good ergonomics and an extensive feature set. Most importantly, the image quality is superb with lots of detail, especially at the lower sensitivity settings.

You can buy this for Rs. 94,385 on Amazon now!   

Canon EOS 7D Mark II 

Canon EOS 7D Mark II, that retails for Rs. 147,995 is a big step forward in every way. It has a new sensor and processing engine along with advanced metering and AF systems, giving it bags of appeal to the enthusiast wedded to the idea of a DSLR rather than a compact system camera. 

You can buy this for Rs. 119,990 on Amazon now!   

Nikon D7200 

Nikon D7200, that retails for Rs. 88,450 Is packed with interesting features, a decent performance and excellent AF system. It is a great choice if you're looking to upgrade from an entry-level model. It's packed with features and has a cracking sensor, and offers solid performance and an excellent AF system. 

You can buy this for Rs. 77,690 on Amazon now!   


Nikon D850 

Nikon D850 is hands down the best DSLR you can buy right now. It retails for Rs. 349,950. Nikon D850 is a brilliant DSLR, and perhaps the most well-rounded camera amongst all. 

You can buy this for Rs. 290,530 on Amazon now!   

Canon EOS 5D Mark IV 

Canon EOS 5D Mark IV is suited to a range of subjects, from landscapes to sports and wildlife, it'll perform superbly in any situation.  

It retails for Rs. 324,995 but you can buy this for Rs. 283,900 on Amazon now!   

Nikon D750 

If you are looking for more affordable full-frame options, then you should go for Nikon D750. This DSLR, that retails for Rs. 171,950 has a lot to offer. This includes a cracking 24.3MP sensor, decent weatherproofing, an advanced 51-point AF system and useful tilting screen. 

You can buy this for Rs. 139,990 on Amazon now!

Nikon D810 

Nikon D810 is a terrific choice for those looking for a top-notch DSLR. It retails for Rs. 244,950. Nikon says that the D810 produces the best image quality of any DSLR in its history. 

You can buy this for Rs. 204,880 on Amazon now!

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