• Jun 23, 2017
A Photographer's Everyday Guide on Getting High
"Oh Well! Are you here already?
Pardon me if it is not what you came looking for!"

For now, I would discuss the photographer's instinct to survey the world from above, just to snap a photo for those on street-level to see.
Getting to high places is as easy as picking up a tour book, but it can also be as fun as simply pointing your finger on a map and going there. So how do you find these places? Here are 8 tips for finding the most spectacular and creatively inspiring high-up views wherever you are.

Finding the perfect staircase can make for the most gratifying of urban geometry shots. Find winding, photo-worthy staircases in museums, libraries, universities, and hotels. Anywhere that looks interesting on the outside most likely looks interesting on the inside, too.

2. Climb Uphill
This one’s as easy as going outside and looking around. See a hill? Go there. Just make sure to bring good shoes, and a flashlight if it’s getting dark.

When you find the perfect spot, aim straight down for a clean angle. You might even think about using an extender or tripod to hold your camera directly from above.

Urban exploration means meandering hallways, opening doors you might not always dare to open, and climbing stairs until you get all the way to the top. This might take craftiness, but when you get there, the view will be worth it.

For the athletically inclined or those up for the challenge, climb. Climb what? Rock-sides, brick walls, mountains, or go spelunking! Make sure to do this the safe way. 

Think about all the vehicles out there designed to take you high–there are so many! Hot air balloons, double-decker buses, ski lifts, and roller coasters. You could probably think of a few more.

Somewhere new? Pick up a local guide, and find the highest building in town. Make sure to catch the view from more than one side of the building. Each side will have its own spectacular perspective.

These can be unexpectedly majorly fun to shoot from. Surrounding Malls, hotels, museums with glow sign boards make perfect neon geometry. Play around with how people move within the space for an extra creative push.