• May 12, 2017
6 Types of Photographers you’ll meet on Social Platforms

The community of photographers on social platforms is a fun, inspirational, and at times a strange place where photo lovers of all shapes, sizes, and creeds come together to share their passion for the photography.

Being associated with Photofie since last 8 months, I’ve worked closely with photographers, which inspired me to write this little Editorial: 
I'm pretty sure you’ll be able to find yourself in at least one of these categories:

1. The Larger than Life PRO Photographer

We start our list with a user who we all know but not every one of us loves. We don’t always love them because, at times, it seems like they get all the glory—we can’t help but envy them at times.
They’ve got thousands (if not tens of thousands) of followers, post regularly, and it seems like no matter what they post it will end up at the top of the Popular page simply because they’ve built such a passionate following.
Of course, they’ve built that following over the course of several years and no amount of followers will make up for artsy work. These are photographers that can teach us so much about marketing yourself, in addition to the amazing photography and post-processing skill.

The Wisdom Wrap
Step out of your comfort zone occasionally. It’s easy to keep taking the same photo over and over again once you’ve carved out a niche for yourself, and you most certainly should maintain that signature style you painstakingly developed, but there’s a popular saying that goes, “if you’re not growing, you’re dying.”
Remember what it was like to start out, and try exploring new frontiers on occasion. It’ll help keep photography fresh and add creative bits of pieces to an already developed style of shooting.

2. The Under-Dog

The incredibly talented, undiscovered photographers you’ll occasionally stumble across.
These photographers are undoubtedly talented, some of them may have even built followings numbering in the tens of thousands on other platforms like Instagram, but they just haven’t taken off on social media.
Maybe it’s just a matter of time, maybe it’s a matter of taste about being exposed to the world. They’re incredibly talented, and they should be recognized as such. Plus a little diversity of taste never killed anybody.

The Wisdom Wrap
Hustle. Demand the recognition you deserve- maybe not demand but definitely ASK FOR IT.
Email us at info@photofie.com with your out of box ideas or participate in the PRO Series Contest. If you’d like to become a ‘Well-Known’ name, you need to embrace the fact that you will need to market yourself and often and well.

3. The Determined Amateur

Our personal favorite category and ones that we try to feature as often as possible on Photofie, the determined amateur is the lifeblood of Photofie. Great taste, a good eye, and a deep passion for photography drive photo lovers like this to keep shooting no matter what they’re using.
This is where many of the mobile photography masters live, right alongside the pioneers using cheap gear to create stunning results, and the struggling amateurs that have developed some skills but are plateauing and haven’t figured out how to keep improving just yet.
It’s a broad category that encompasses so many different types of photographer, but they’re thirsty to know more, shoot more, and further immerse themselves in this crazy world of ours.

The Wisdom Wrap

The caveat of this is that you may actually get really successful in one style and then it’s easy to get stuck in a rut, but that’s a problem you should want to face.
They do a bit of street, a bit of landscape, a bit of portraiture, and a bit of macro… but none of it feels like their own. Even if you want to dabble in multiple types of photography, make sure you occasionally embark on a specific project that shares a story or message you find meaningful.

4. The Total Newbie

We. Love. Newbies. This user just picked up a ‘real’ camera or is digging into forums and YouTube videos to learn all they can about light and composition before they take their next smartphone shot. They’re amped on photography and their enthusiasm is contagious.
They’re getting better fast. And, once in a while, they do something totally crazy and out there that nobody already ‘established’ who knows the ‘rules’ of photography would ever do… and the results they get are awesome.

Welcome to the family!

The Wisdom Wrap

Read Shoot Sleep Repeat.There’s more wisdom in there than we could ever fit into a wrap.

5. The Bulk Uploader

Being this one is the worst decision you guy ever make. There are times I see a slew of photos posted all at once, in the wrong category, without any description, no hashtags, just accounts bulked up with pictures.

The Wisdom Wrap
Take time to curate your best work. Put the best foot forward. We understand you are making way for constructive criticism, but it may do more harm than benefit.

6. The Robot

Last and certainly least, The Robot. It’s a sad reality, more and more complex with internet algorithms, but the dreaded bot still exists. Bots that like and favorite every photo in sight, leave worthless comments, earning many “followers” and “likes” in return DO exist and you may run into them.
Flag/Report these “people” please. They don’t belong in a community as vibrant and passionate as ours.

The Wisdom Wrap
Please go away. That is all.

Of course, there’s no way that 6 categories could ever encompass everybody that makes up our awesome community, so if you think we missed a major type, let us know in the comments down below!