• Jan 9, 2017

Being a professional or amateur photographer you would agree to the fact that photography is an expensive hobby. To deliver good quality images you need high-end camera body and lens, in some shoots you might need multiple camera bodies and lenses. Most of us cannot afford to invest huge amount of money in buying the best-in-the-segment camera and lens.
After saving money for some time, you might finally purchase desired photography gear. What if a couple of months later you get to know that an upgraded version of the same gear has been released?

Renting the gear can help you overcome the situations mentioned above. Let’s have a look at the 5 key benefits of renting photography gear.

  1. Try before buying a photography gear
It is always a wise decision to first try the photography gear and judge if it is the exact lens you are looking for and if it suits your photography needs. You do not want to regret buying a camera or lens which you thought was perfect for you, but it failed to match your expectations.
Before investing in a photography gear, always rent it and test for at least a day to make your final decision. There might a situation when you are confused between two different gears, renting both the gears might clear your doubts and help you choose the right gear.
  1. Save money
You can save a lot of money by simply renting photography gear for your photo shoots. On an average, you pay only 1% of the actual cost of the gear as the rent. If you do not do professional shoots that often, renting a camera and required lens is much economical option.
  1. Earn more by investing less
You might have to wait for months to save for your dream camera or lens, but would you say no to all the photo shoot offers you get during that period? You shouldn’t, rent the photography gear and start earning money, which can then be used to purchase the gear. Sounds cool, right?
  1. To use as a backup gear
Mostly while shooting weddings, you would need two cameras mounted with two different lenses. You might own a single camera along with a lens, but how do you arrange for a second one? Simple, rent the gears.
You might have a shoot planned and your photography gear stops working or faces some issue a day before, now you cannot get it repaired on immediate basis. This is the situation when you can simply rent the gear similar to the one you have and execute the shoot successfully.
  1. Rent latest gear
One thing I like the most about renting gears is that you have the leisure of using all the latest cameras and lenses available in the market without even purchasing them. It feels awesome when you use the latest technology available and get best possible output for your professional work or your hobby.
It is not at all easy upgrading to the latest technology as you need to shell out more money, knowing the fact that there would be up-gradation to this is well in coming months.

To sum up the key benefits of renting photography gear, here is a look at the list:
  • Often more financially feasible than buying
  • Great way to have backup gears
  • Allows you access to unique and latest gears you wouldn’t normally buy
  • No maintenance cost
  • Up-to-date gears and equipment

There are two ways to rent photography gear:
Online rental service:

One of the benefits of renting photography gear online is that the service provider delivers the gear directly at your door steps or anywhere you wish it to be delivered. BookMyLens is one such website which hosts a wide range of cameras from Nikon D7100 to D4S, wide/prime/telephoto lenses and video/lighting accessories, and they get this stuff delivered to selected locations in India. To know more, visit their website.
Local stores:
If you are not sure about which camera or lens to rent, best thing is to visit a camera store and explore various gears which suits your use. Future Forward is one such store located in Delhi where you can choose from various Nikon, Canon and Sony gears and rent them at an affordable price.

NOTE: You can always borrow photography gear from your friends, if they are kind enough to you. This is a quick tip to sum up the blog post.