• Jan 26, 2017

Photographers have a tendency to be a pretty busy breed. Apparently we tend to live and breathe our craft leaving little room in our lives for anything else. Anything that can help make the less creative aspects of our career a little bit less distracting is always a welcome addition so today we are going to recommend apps to streamline the workflow so that you can spend more time looking through a lens.


PhotoBuddy specifically has 3 primary Tools:

Sun & Moon: This nifty little tool allows you to quickly and easily calculate precise sunrise and sunset times and more importantly it helps you calculate the actual window of time that you can expect to experience that magical period of perfect Light.

Exposure: A somewhat less useful Tool for more experienced photographers this little doohickey helps you calculate Exposure Adjustments quickly and easily.

DoF: While we all tend to have a vague idea of how the Depth of field behaves at a certain f-stop on a certain lens this fantastic little calculator helps you quickly calculate the precise Depth of field for virtually any lens.

In addition to the above PhotoBuddy also has calculators to help you figure out diffraction, flash power, Angle of view, bracketing, Distance, Color temperature, bulb mode, bellows length and it also has a built in video slate that can be used in a pinch.

(2) GPS PAL (iPhone and Android)

GPS Pal is a fantastic app created by Columbia as a freebie to build their outdoor clothing brand. It is a tool designed for hikers to track their hike progress while also documenting interesting things the come across along the trail.

Simply put: GPS Pal is a GPS tracker that maps your movement and allows you to log notes, images, and videos as you go.

What a great app for hikers! Right? But what about Photographers? Most of us don’t spend our days lost in the wild chasing Landscapes. This app is incredibly useful for any location photographer. I’d say it is the world’s most handy Tool to help make location scouting easy. The ability to track the path of everywhere you scouted and take notes/images/video along the way allows you to easily document the various locations.

(3) TRELLO (Browser, iPhone, iPad, and Android)

Trello, for one reason or another, is different. What truly makes Trello magical is that it is so absolutely simple to use while still having a ton of depth as needed. It allows you to meld the Workflow of the tool to meet the needs of what is most useful to you.

Use Trello to track virtually all the administrative and creative tasks. Whether it is listing clients feedback, planning gear purchasing roadmap, or even collaborating with a client to craft a moodboard for a shoot. Trello has become an invaluable tool that gifts me the freedom of time through efficiency on a daily basis.

(4) AWESOME NOTE+ (iPhone, iPad, Galaxy Note)

There are a lot of note taking apps out there. In fact, several of them for various reasons but AwesomeNote+ is simply the most elegant Tool for writing.

AwesomeNote+ so handy because it syncs nicely to Google Drive which means you can come up with ideas as they come to you on your phone, write about them comfortably using my iPad, which then gets all synced to Google Drive for super easy access on a computer when it comes time to turn that Text into a post on a webpage.

(5) WAVE (Browser Based)

It is probably fairly universal that we as photographers aren’t terribly fond of managing the money side of our business. Wave is a magical genie in the cloud that could handle half the  financial headache automatically.

Basically what Wave does is it tracks all your digital expense so you can do your bookkeeping without having to manually enter expenses. You can also use wave to view your financial trends, send invoices, accept digital payment and also to evaluate your profitability.