• Jun 1, 2016
10 Nat Geo Photographers To Follow

10. Steve Winter

Mirchani tigress cubs at the Patpara nala waterhole camera trap, Bandhavgarh National park, India

Growing up in Indiana, Winter dreamed of travelling the world as a photographer for National Geographic. Steve Winter has been stalked by jaguars in Brazil, charged by a grizzly in Siberia, and trapped in quicksand in the world's largest tiger reserve in Myanmar. He's flown over erupting volcanoes and visited isolated villages where residents had never before seen a blond foreigner—or a camera. He is shooting for the National Geographic society since 1991.

9. Joel Sartore

Joel Sartore is an American photographer, speaker, author, teacher, and a 20-year contributor to National Geographic magazine. Joel specializes in documenting endangered species and landscapes around the world. He is the founder of The Photo Ark, a 25-year documentary project to save species and habitat.

Millions of monarch butterflies roost on the Sierra Chincua (Chincua mountain) near Angangueo, Mexico.

8. George Steinmetz

A flock of James' flamingos takes flight from the algae-stained waters of this spring-fed lake at 14,000 feet high in the Andes.

George Steinmetz is an American photographer who began his career in photography after hitchhiking through Africa for 28 months in his twenties. His current work focuses on photographing the world's deserts while piloting a motorized paraglider.

7. Paul Nicklen

Paul Nicklen is a Canadian biologist and a photographer with Nat Geo. He has studied marine biology at the University of Victoria in British Columbia. Since 1995, Nicklen has worked as a full-time photo journalist specializing in the Arctic and Antarctica with an emphasis on wildlife and climate change.

In a moss-draped rain forest in British Columbia, black bears are born with white fur.

6. Ed Kashi

Faith in the times of despair.

Ed Kashi is a photojournalist dedicated to documenting the social and political issues that define our times. In addition to editorial assignments, filmmaking, and personal projects, Kashi is an educator who instructs and mentors students of photography, participates in forums, and lectures on photojournalism. He and his wife have founded a non-profit multimedia company called Talking eyes Media to deliver issue-oriented stories to general public. He holds a degree in photo journalism from Syracuse University, New York.

5. Ami Vitale

National Geographic magazine photographer Ami Vitale has traveLled to more than 90 countries, bearing witness not only to violence and conflict, but also to surreal beauty and the enduring power of the human spirit. She is best known for her international news and cultural documentation. She has done her degree in international studies from the University of North Carolina.

A local village girl and her sister use Ami’s gear to learn photography

4. Reza

Portrait of an Afghani girl captured by Reza.

Reza is an Iranian French photojournalist who has worked with National geographic to capture humanity’s conflicts and catastrophes. He is committed to training women and children in visual media and communications to help them live a better life.

3. Micheal Yamashita

Michael Yamashita is a Japanese American photographer and traveller. He is shooting for National Geographic for the past 30 years after graduating from Wesleyan University in Connecticut. Specializing in Asia, Yamashita has covered Vietnam and the Mekong River, Marco Polo's journey to China, the Great Wall, as well as almost every aspect of Japanese culture from samurai to fish markets.

Tea garden at Daichi-ji near Kyoto, Japan

2. Keith Ladzinski 

Goal zero by Keith Ladzinski

Keith Ladzinski is a globally published adventure sports and environmental portrait photographer. He is a regular contributor to National Geographic. His work has taken him to the most remote reaches of 7 continents. He is the most sought after photographer in the adventure world.

1. Stephen Alvarez

Stephen Alvarez is an award winning National Geographic photographer and film maker who produces global stories about exploration, adventure, culture and archaeology. He has published over a dozen feature stories in the National Geographic Magazine. The Magazine has sent him from the highest peaks in the Andes to the depths of the deepest cave in the world.

Earth from below by Stephen Alvarez