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Do you click before you eat?

With Photofie's Food Photography Contest, you have a chance to bond over food!

Here's what you can do !

  • Invite a Chef buddy over & photograph the preparations.
  • Your mother has been your favorite chef all these years! Capture your favorite "Maa k haath ka khana".
  • Take your buddy out and Binge on! P.S. Photograph what you binge on!
  • Got a Favorite food joint? Its your chance to let them know!

So, watch out for food everywhere and have fun with camera!

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How It Works

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  • 30 days long contest. Starts form 20th December, 2016

  • Upload your photo. Only 1 photo is allowed per entry.

  • Judged based on creativity, originality, and in accordance to the theme of the contest.

  • Most appreciated award is based on number of likes on your photo.
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  • Your photos get shared across social networks.